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Topher Realty offers years of experience in managing Helena rental property and matching tenants with vacancies.

Founded by Chris Mockel,
a native Helena, Montana Real Estate Broker,
Topher Realty knows Helena properties inside and out.

Are you a property owner in need of rental management?

Set up an appointment today to discuss your options and move forward toward fully occupied units and satisfied tenants. Our team provides consistent, reliable services ranging from advertising, tenant background checks, accounting, maintenance and repairs, and conflict resolution.

Are you a tenant looking for a rental unit?

Try our search option to find a fit that’s just right for you. Our personal services help refine your search to save you both time and money. Our properties include apartments, homes, and townhouses throughout the Helena Valley.

Are you a property owner interested in selling property?

Or a prospective buyer? Topher Realy handles all aspects of selling and buying residential and commercial real estate: listing, showing, consultation, and finance referral. Chris Mockel is a trusted, experienced broker with an expert staff ready to assist in all your property related needs. The next step begins simply with a call 406-443-3555.

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